Technik für Möbel

We create the perfect combination of intelligent technology, functionality and design.  Priding ourselves on this, we develop and produce a vast range of fittings – from drawer and runner systems to hinges, decorative handles as well as folding and sliding-door hardware.


It´s what success in new markets hinges on

Our hinges are at the heart of good doors: Sensys, the hinge technology with integrated soft closing system provides more comfort while closing hinged doors. thanks to the unique big self closing feature Sensys makes the closing action almost automatic. Innovative, easy, gentle and noise-free.

Drawer systems

Top-drawer quality: Functional and efficient

Hettich has the right drawer system for any type of furniture. For the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living-room, office. Ingenious concept for systems to suit any application. Attractive Sturdy, smooth-running, convenient.

Drawer runners

Superb movement: the comfort of our drawer runners

When it comes to runners and drawers, product range from Hettich is unbeatable. With an option for any loading capacity, tried and proven established ball-bearing slides and the unique Quadro runner provide the best solution for convenient, reliable drawer opening and closing in all classes of furniture.

Sliding door systems

Slide it. Love it: Pure design in a big way

Various folding and sliding door systems with different runner types permit solutions for all furniture segments. Conveniently moving door elements in all sizes and materials.

  • An optimal solution for all types of applications

  • An optimal solution for all types of applications

  • An optimal solution for all types of applications

  • An optimal solution for all types of applications

Systems for office furniture

Best in class for the office: Organised, Ergonomic, Efficient

Behind doors, in pedestals -  serving all areas of the office, solutions are available for organisation and functions that turn furniture into good office furniture. With added value for work efficiency, satisfactory and reliable handling as well as fatigue-free use.

Design for you - Awards for us!

Hettich products combine practical intelligence with aesthetic looks. This not only goes down extremely well with our customers.

  • Wide-angle hinge Sensys

  • Thick door hinge Sensys

  • Hinge Sensys

  • Push to open Silent for ArciTech

  • Sliding door system InLine S

  • Drawer system ArciTech